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The Organisation

CHEGS stands for Community Health Education Groups and CHEGS programs have been running in the Northern Rivers Area since 1979.  CHEGS was established in response to the North Coast Region Healthy Lifestyle program to deliver low cost health promotion classes. CHEGS programs are now coordinated by the Health Promotion team at Northern NSW Local Health District. Each leader is self-employed but the Health Promtotion team provide training and quality assurance to the leaders.


Our Instructors


I've been teaching Qi Gong/Tai Chi for 4 years and enjoy every moment of it.

I feel it is a good way to exercise both mind and body and hope all participants gain some benefit while also having fun during the classes. I'm also a participant in the 'Active Kyogle' preventative health initiative, encouraging community members to try Tai Chi for health improvement.


I love the sense of belonging that comes from exercising with others in my local community.   I have worked for many years in Aged Care so know that safe gentle exercise does work.

It strengthens and tones the body at the same time allowing a greater range of movement and better balance. I also love the way exercise gives a greater sense of body/mind awareness providing a time to be more focused and relaxed.

Cheg's classes are welcoming and supportive "


   I have always been interested in movement. I began as a dance/drama and physical comedy performer.  I spent many years practising and teaching Iyengar yoga. From there my interests expanded to include Pilates and Tai Chi/Qigong.

I have been teaching some form of movement since 1982.  At first this teaching practice was with children and young adults. As I have developed as a teacher I realised that my true interest lies in working with mature adults.

Nowadays I am interested in any form of movement that is beneficial, not only to my health and wellbeing, but also that of my clients.

 CHEGS Inc has given me a great platform to pursue this interest.

Physical Activities Locations