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Frequently Asked Questions

Are CHEGS courses only for older people?

Our exercise classes are suitable for adults. Although the exercise programs were developed as part of a Falls Prevention Project for older Australians, the classes are popular with people of all ages, who wish to exercise at a gentle or moderate intensity. Our Qigong/Tai Chi and Yoga classes have a wide appeal. If you have any concerns regarding your fitness level, ability or skill to participate in any classes, it is recommended that you seek medical advice from your GP or specialist before you attend.

Does CHEGS run courses in my area?

CHEGS employs 25 Fitness Instructors and runs exercise, Qigong/Tai Chi and Yoga classes in 15 centres in the Northern Rivers. CHEGS programs are self- funding and require minimum numbers to run, so advance booking is essential.

How do I contact CHEGS?

You may phone or email the Co-ordinator who is situated in Lismore.

I have always wanted to do Tai Chi but have heard that it takes a long time, and is difficult to learn. How manageable is it?

Our beginner’s course runs for 10 weeks and in that time you will learn the basic principles of Tai Chi and commence a yang or sun style form. Learning Tai Chi is a wonderful journey and you will have taken the first few steps with this beginner’s course. We have follow-on courses, so the journey can be as long or short as you wish.  With extensive training, CHEGS Instructors have incorporated more Qigong practice into their classes.

Are CHEGS courses affordable?

CHEGS uses fully accredited and insured Instructors but aims to keep fees to a minimum. As a general rule, our courses are less expensive than an equivalent course offered elsewhere.

How are CHEGS courses different from those offered by others?

Our priority is your good health. Other than the very obvious financial difference, CHEGS employs accredited and insured Instructors who are provided with quality ongoing training.

Physical Activities Locations